APPOLO Summer School on  Ultra-short Pulse Lasers Applications in Material Processing


APPOLO school program and venue

Student presentations:



12:00- 13:00

Beat Jaeggi

Laser micromachining using pulse-bursts

Michalina Chaja

Influence of laser spot size and shape on ablation efficiency using ultrashort pulse laser system

Yiming Zhang

First-principles Electron Structure Calculations of Electron Density of States for Ultrashort Laser Pulse Irradiation: Influence onto the Thermal Properties of Copper

Daniel Hug

Laser applications at the Institute of Product and Production Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland



15:00- 16:30

Edgaras Markauskas

High Speed and High Laser Pulse Repetition Rate Scribing of CIGS thin-film solar cells

Evangelos Skoulas

Ultrafast laser surface structuring using cylindrical vector polarization states

Antonios Papadopoulos

Ultrafast Laser Processing On Transparent Materials

Andreas Lemonis

Software and Automation Development for ultrafast laser processing

Alexandros Mimidis

Ultrashort-pulse laser fabrication of biomimetic metallic surfaces

Edvinas Skliutas

Photostructuring of naturally derived resins employing dynamic projection lithography



12:00- 13:00


Linas Jonušauskas

The optical resiliency of ultrafast 3D nanolithography produced microstructures to intense femtosecond radiation

Elena Daugnoraitė

Interference lithography method induced photopolymerization process examination in different inert gasses and on different surfaces

Anton Vorobiov

Delay-time dependence of Kerr effect in glass samples



15:00- 16:30


Sergey Tomilov

Modelling of the temperature distribution in mid infrared solid-state laser active media for the various configuration of a heat sink

Simonas Varapnickas

Luminescent nanocomposites as temperature probes for in-situ local heating imaging in 3DLL

Vahan Malkhasyan

Measured and calculated volume of metal surfaces ablated by femtosecond laser

Alexander Kroschel

Effect of Inclination Angle on the Borehole Shape for Ultra-Short Pulsed Laser Drilling

Alexander Kanitz

Impact of liquid environment on ultrashort-pulsed laser processing

 Meliani Hasnaa

Improvement of tribological properties by Laser Induced Periodic Surface Structures




12:00- 13:00

Jan Hoppius

Femtosecond titanium dioxide thin film modification

Juozas Dudutis

Non-ideal Bessel beam for soda-lime glass cutting

Benjamin Lauer

Industrial needs for high throughput USP laser machining