Peter Balling, Ultrashort-pulse laser excitation of metals and dielectrics

Juozas Dudutis, Laser glass processing: scribing, cutting, milling and comparative analysis

Georg von Freymann, 3D µ-printing: multi-photon absorption in additive manufacturing

Peter R. Herman, Shaping femtosecond laser interactions in transparent materials: enabling 3D photonics in optical fibers to thin films

Vytautas Jukna, Beam shaping of high-energy beams for laser micromachining of transparent materials

Saulius Juodkazis, Nanoscale capabilities in femtosecond laser processing of materials

Alexander Kanitz, TBD

Wolfgang Kautek, Femtosecond laser induced physicochemical processes: fundamentals and industrial applications

Tian Long See, When water meets light

Simone Mazzucato, Ultrafast laser pulses on the jewellery market

Carlos Molpeceres, Lasers in Photovoltaics

Aleksandr Ovsianikov, High-resolution 3D printing using fs lasers – upscaling and addressing industrial applications

Gediminas Račiukaitis, Future Perspectives in Ultra-Short Pulse Laser Applications in Material Processing

Razvan Stoian, The quest for resolution; a dynamic view on ultrafast laser extreme volume nanostructuring

Bogdan Voisiat, Harnessing Light’s Precision: Direct Laser Interference Patterning for Advanced Surface Patterning

Leonid V. Zhigilei, Large-scale atomistic modeling of material modification and nanoparticle generation by ultrashort pulse laser irradiation

Tentative Programme

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