Peter Balling, Ultrashort-pulse laser excitation of metals and dielectrics

Juozas Dudutis, Laser glass processing: scribing, cutting, milling and comparative analysis

Georg von Freymann, 3D ยต-printing: multi-photon absorption in additive manufacturing

Vytautas Jukna, Beam shaping of high-energy beams for laser micromachining of transparent materials

Saulius Juodkazis, Nanoscale capabilities in femtosecond laser processing of materials

Tian Long See, When water meets light

Carlos Molpeceres, Lasers in Photovoltaics

Razvan Stoian, The quest for resolution; a dynamic view on ultrafast laser extreme volume nanostructuring

Bogdan Voisiat, Harnessing Light’s Precision: Direct Laser Interference Patterning for Advanced Surface Patterning

Leonid V. Zhigilei, Large-scale atomistic modeling of material modification and nanoparticle generation by ultrashort pulse laser irradiation

Tentative Programme

The programme will be updated